Hyperlocal news

The future of local news is online. And 2Hill Media is on the cutting edge of the hyperlocal news website trend with westofthei.com.

westofthei.com is the news source Western Kenosha County, Wisconsin has always deserved. It’s been created and written by people who live in the part of Kenosha County that lies west of Interstate 94. Each week more people count on westofthei.com for information on:

  • woti screen shotLocal schools
  • Local government
  • Local people
  • Local business
  • Local living
  • Local sports
  • Local photos
  • Local video

In fact, news and information about everything Western Kenosha County is at westofthei.com!

Darren Hillock is westofthei.com’s chief content creator. He is a veteran community journalist, having worked for smaller publications for most of his 24-year career. Asked to sum up his philosophy of community journalism, Darren said “there’s no story too small for the big treatment.” Take him up on it. Call him at 262-843-4445 or drop him a line at westofthei@yahoo.com.

Karen Hillock is westofthei.com’s advertising consultant. She jumped right into the corporate world after high school, working for Amoco Oil and later Illinois Bell, as both of those companies were known back in the day. In following Darren’s journalism career around, and raising three children, she has subsequently worked in mortgages, as a teacher’s aide, in a grocery store, hotel and as a school bus driver. Consequently she can relate to most businesses’ marketing needs. Call Karen at 262-843-4445 or drop her a line at khillock47@yahoo.com.

2Hill Media is available for consulting on hyperlocal news websites. Contact them at darrenhillock@yahoo.com or 262-843-4445.